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Bonjour! Hi there 🙂

Have questions about nutrition?

Thinking of going vegetarian or vegan?

Looking for a nutrition guest speaker?

I’m Annique, a Nutritionist specialized in plant-based diets 🥕🥑  living in Montréal.

I offer 3 services:

  1. Private nutrition consultations
  2. Cooking classes
  3. Guest speaking for conferences or corporate events

I can be reached at nikinutrition@gmail.com — say hi! Et oui, je suis bilingue 🙂

Let’s work together!

A little more about me.

From professional athletes to everyday moms to cancer survivors, I’ve consulted over 3,000 people with nutrition advice over the past 7 years.

I’m currently located in Montreal, Canada and am available for in-person consults. Please note that I’m a member of the OPDQ and thus can provide you with an insurance receipt.

Here are my services in more detail.

Private consultations

From experience, the best way to begin our relationship is to talk. To properly identify your nutrition needs, we’ll first have a discovery conversation.

Guest Speaker and Conferences

I also offer my nutritional services for group conferences as a guest speaker. Topics can vary from general, overarching nutritional themes to more specific and tailored talks. 

Cooking Classes

I offer cooking classes where you will learn practical tips for saving time in the kitchen, plant-based substitutions in cooking, optimizing the nutritional content of your meals and boosting the yum factor. Workshops include “Healthy Breakfasts”, “Healthy Snacks” and “Healthy Desserts”.

Although I specialize in vegetarian and vegan diets, my expertise for consultations also includes the following:

diabetes — cholesterol + dyslipidemia — high blood pressure— overweight/obesity—  cancer prevention + management — gout — kidney stones — Celiac’s disease — osteoporosis — arthritis —  underweight —  sports nutrition — improving energy levels —  irritable bowel syndrome —  allergies + intolerances — hypoglycemia — menopause — thyroid health — prostate health — liver health — bloating — anemia — constipation — fertility (men + women)

If you have a general interest in nutrition and are looking to make better choices but do not know what to prioritize or how to go about doing so, I’d be happy to talk and help guide you.

Disclaimer: Please note that the general advice or information on my page is not meant to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.