Must-Watch Documentaries

Hello lovers! After realizing that the “Documentary” section of this blog hadn’t been updated in a crazy while, I thought I would briefly write about 3 documentaries I recently saw that I think are worth making some popcorn for 🙂 (and for those of you that are Netflix and chillers, these are all now on Netflix) :

Bella Vita – This documentary explores Chris De Moro’s sweet lifestyle. As a passionate environmental activist, talented artist, surfer and vegetarian, this dude pours his heart and soul into everything he does. The documentary follows him as he travels to Italia, where his family is rooted, and rediscovers the finer things: quality over quantity, slowing down the pace, surf, good coffee, croissants, craftsmanship, loving people, etc. The videography is stunning. Personally, this documentary made me rethink my life choices and want to realign my values and sense of purpose with what I am focusing my energies on. You really get the sense that Chris’ life is meaningful and this makes you want to follow in his footsteps (or waves 😉 ). Caution: will make you want to pack up and leave for adventure tomorrow and/or learn to be a pro surfer, or at least just enjoy your life!

Check out the trailer here: Bella Vita Trailer

Antarctic Edge – 70 degrees South. This documentary follows 22 scientists who are all at the top of their respective fields as they study several regions of the Antarctic and how at each of these regions, climate change is affecting the ice (and therefore sea levels), phytoplankton, kryll and penguins. A great documentary for helping us understand how, within an ecosystem, all is inter-related. Phytoplankton (microalgae) is the basis of the marine food chain and even at the heart of our earth’s food chain. Should the phytoplankton population drop dramatically (which is currently happening), this will, in turn, cause kryll population to drop (as kryll feeds on phytoplankton), which will bring about a decline in bottom feeders and ultimately, whales.  Basically put, if the basis of the food chain disappears, so does everything else. I like this documentary because it covers an area so geographically remote, it tends to be “out of sight, out of mind”. But this area of our beautiful mother Earth is sending us clues and it is key that people wake up! Infomation is conveyed in an easy to understand manner and the scientists on the boat, who are co-habiting the boat for 6 weeks, make for a very humorous story 🙂 .

Check out the trailer hereAntarctic Edge- 70 degrees South Trailer

This Was Tomorrow – 2015 was the first year Tomorrowland had 3 festivals in 3 separate countries. I haven’t yet been lucky enough to attend one of these dance music events, but this movie half made me feel like I was there and half made me feel like it is a once in a lifetime experience and that no movie could ever do it justice – you have to live it. This amazing and feel-good movie on top tier electronic music talent and on how music brings people together literally transported me and made me cry way too much. Tomorrowland, as the documentary conveys, is a place where everyone is accepted and loved. Regardless of your country of origin, your sexual orientation, religion, etc., to the people of tomorrowland, “It’s all good”. This festival is literally connecting the younger open-minded generations. As you will see in the documentary, Ban Ki-Moon has even declared that Tomorrowland exemplifies the UN’s core values, and this movie gives you hope for our world and faith in humanity (seriously!!).

Check out the trailer here: This Was Tomorrow Trailer

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