Introducing: Patty Pan Squash

You may have seen patty pan squash atย your local farmer’s market, been unsure of what they were, and just walked a little faster as you passed beside them. To be totally honest, I had no clue this cute summer squash officially went by the name of patty pan squash. I’ve been schooled. Here are some market fresh patty pan squash, posing for the camera:

photo 1 (25)

Although this summer squash looks like an alien (it is sometimes referred to as the “flying saucer” squash) and perhaps it seems unfathomable you would put such an oddly shaped thing in your mouth, know that they are extremely easy to prepare – easy as waking up in the morning. (Pauses for dramatic effect). Only kidding, they really are simple to make. Here’s how to become a squash-preparing wizard! ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 2 (20)


  1. First, remove both ends of the squash using a large knife.
  2. Then, cut squash into segments (roughly 8 segments per squash, depending upon the size of your squash).
  3. Cook your squash in a frying pan coated with olive oil (or the oil of your choice) until the squash segments become 1 (24)

Serve as a side dish, in pasta dishes, in soups, in casseroles, in stir-fry’s, in breads, in muffins, on the grill (if they aren’t too small), pickle them, stuff them (ex. with quinoa and corn) – the uses for patty pan are many. What versatility, eh?

photo (30)

As you’ll hopefully soon find out, patty pan squash has a mild taste which tastes like a hybrid between artichoke and zucchini. This squash is a nutritious little one (of course he is, or he wouldn’t be on this blog, right?). He containsย vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and folate, meaning the vegetable offers cardio-protective benefits and is great for vitality.

photo (31)

You see? They aren’t as scary as they look! These peculiarly-shaped vegetables are easy to tame and can be made into a variety of delicacies.

Bon app!

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