Why Does Red Wine Make You Sleepy?

Have you ever asked yourself whether there’s any truth to whether red wine makes you sleepier than white wine? Or do you personally feel like red wine knocks you out whereas white wine does not have this soporific effect? Is there any science to this?

Marcello Iriti, a professor of plant biology in Milan, has detected melatonin in grapes. The melatonin in grapes is ressemblant to a hormone the body’s pineal gland manufactures when going to sleep at night. In actual fact, melatonin regulates the sleep-wake cycle by chemically engendering doziness and reducing bodily temperature.

It turns out the flesh, skin and seeds of grapes contain melatonin, and red wine is produced with the skin. White wine, on the other hand, is not made using the skins, which could explain why it is less slumberous.

More than anything though, the likeliest elucidation is the fact that we tend to consume wine at the end of a day, when we are tuckered out and/or as a means to unwind.

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