Shortcut Muffins – Right This Way

A few days ago, I watched a video conference given by a woman working  as a marketer in the food advertising sector. She spoke about various interesting things, such as the fact that customers always trust what’s on the label. For example, if the label says “farm fresh”, the customer is reassured and imagines that the chickens on the farm are living this type of life:


when they are probably leading this kind of life:


Farm fresh really means nothing.

An example I found interesting was that of the instant-mix cakes and muffins. When such products were first released, all that needed to be done was add water. You would think people would be attracted to the simplicity of making these cakes but research proved otherwise. It turns out, the targeted demographic at the time (mostly women and mainly housewives), felt like they were cheating their families by serving such easy-to-prepare cakes as they required so little effort. A lightbulb then went off in the producers’ heads. If they gave the bakers a tad more responsibility, they may feel like they’re putting in a little more love into their own baking. Enter the “add an egg and water” mixes, and subsequent sales “eggsploded” (as she puts it). I think there’s nothing wrong with taking shortcuts once in a while. Who has time to make evertyhing from scratch? I’ve recently discovered a muffin mix which I really like, and because I must add applesauce and milk, I feel like I’m pouring in the love and following a recipe:

photo (3)


You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up, and by that I mean you put soy beverage, applesauce and fruits/nuts of your choice into the mixture and mix it all up. I chose to do a funky somethin’ somethin’: a dried cranberry and walnut medley. Mmmmhhmmmmm. These are so easy and quick to make, by the time they’re done, you’ll feel like these little guys just teleported their way into your life. The end result is phenomenal 🙂

photo (4)

Throwback: part of this complete breakfast.

Also great as a snack, post-workout snack or as a dessert with a lovely cup of “hug in a mug” (a.k.a. tea).

Bonne journée à tous et à toutes!

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