Happy International Diet-Free Day

I would like to share with you something I read on what is eating normally:

“Eating normally is being hungry and eating until you are full. It is being capable of choosing foods that we like and stop eating based on our decreasing hunger levels, not just because we feel like we should. Eating normally is being able to think about one’s nutritious food choices, without imposing upon oneself restrictions which prevent us from eating foods we like and enjoy. Eating normally is giving yourself the permission to eat, sometimes because we are happy, sometimes because we are sad or bored or simply because it feels good. Eating normally is eating three times a day, or four, or five, or choosing to snack throughout the whole day. It is leaving a few cookies on our plate because we know that we can have more the next day, or having a few extra in a given moment because they are simply delicious. Eating normally is sometimes overeating, feeling bloated and overly full and uncomfortable. And sometimes it may be eating too little and wanting more. Eating normally is trusting your body and its capacity to fix occasional dietary “mistakes”. Eating normally requires time and attention but should not affect all of the different spheres of our life. In sum, eating normally is being flexible. It varies depending on hunger, one’s schedule, proximity to food and emotions.”

From “Winning the War Within”

Take home message: Today (and all days), go un-diet. Health is not about a number on a scale, “diet” foods, strict dogmas, transformed and processed foods nor quick fixes. Healthy nutrition is about tasty foods, self-love, self-acceptance and intuition.

Please treat yourself to some of your guilty pleasures today (forego the guilt trip). We occasionally need these to stay sane.

Happy Diet-Free Day beautiful people,


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