Why Eating Factory-Farmed Chickens Isn’t My Cup of Tea

Chickens are more brilliant than we think. I feel people tend to associate brain size with intelligence and thus assume that birds’ I.Q. must be on the low end. However, it turns out calling someone “bird brain” may be paying them a compliment. Studies show chicken have self-control, worry about the future, understand causality, possess problem-solving skills and pass down their knowledge to their offspring. In fact, chickens are smarter than cats or dogs and are capable of some tasks no other mammals are capable of.

Chickens are also quite emotionally intelligent. Naturally, hens cluck to their chicks before they even hatch as they sit on their eggs in their nests. They communicate back and forth through their shells until their babies hatch. In factory farms though, eggs are taken from their respective mothers as soon as they come into this world and are placed in incubators— meaning chicks never meet their parents. In natural settings, hens go great lengths to ensure privacy and to ensure their nests are faraway from predators. They often go without food or water if it means securing a private nest. The fact that hens readily sacrifice their own comfort to protect their chicks shows how strong the love of these protective mothers is. The expression “being a mother hen” (a.k.a. being overprotective) did not come from nowhere…

There are more chickens than humans on the planet (global chicken population is about 19 billion chickens) and put simply, chickens are one of the most abused animals on the planet. Factory-farmed chickens are crowded into massive sheds, with thousands of birds per shed. Here, they are given antibiotics and drugs to to ensure survival in conditions that would otherwise be fatal and for them to reach ideal (ideal meaning ideal for the industry, here) size, as meaty breasts and thighs are more desiderated. These birds then grow so large (due to antiobiotics) that their bones and legs cannot support their own body weight, causing them to become crippled and leaving them immobile.

Because chickens are so intelligent, emotionally intelligent and are capable of feeling pain, I choose not to eat factory-farmed poultry. If you choose to consume chicken, please choose poultry that was humanely treated until the day it died. The importance of knowing your farmer cannot be stressed enough.

Happy Monday all (though if you’re like me, you’re like Garfield, and you hate Mondays 🙂 ) !!!

All of this information was adapted from: http://www.peta.org/living/food/top-10-reasons-eat-chickens/#ixzz2qJO1gfLG

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